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On Sankha's Gurus   page 1 
(notes by Sankha) 
 Ustad Maseet Khan
A great composer of highly complex and sophisticated rhythm patterns with immense range, variety, and dynamics of Tabla Bols called Gat, Manjeder etc.; also writer of Hindi and Urdu poetry.
He was a person of very refined artistic taste,
also a very powerful and brave man, as a musician traditional and, in a positive sense, orthodox minded.
He was always kind to people in distressed circumstances, helping them even by sometimes taking money from his disciples (and hiding his true intentions...).
Above all, a great GURU (teacher and guide).

 Ustad Karamatulla Khan (son of Ustad Maseet Khan)  
A great performer with an extraordinary artistic sense. A friend tabla player with diverse qualities of musicianship. No matter if child or older musician, everybody loved him and wanted him to perform with them,
  and, although he could easily do so, he never said no. As a GURU, he was like father, brother, a dear friend to all of us. He owned the most perfect position of fingers, the most perfect technique of playing the tabla, and a perfect balance of sound which is very very rare.   page 2>>

Both Ustad Maseet Khan and Ustad Karamatulla Khan (as well as Ustad Sabir Khan, his son) are lineage holders in direct unbroken line of the title Khalifa of Farukkabad Gharana (representing the Gharana's heritage).