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Sangeeta, a vocalist endowed with the rare quality of a three octave range, blends her talent with imagination, intellect with emotion and technique with temperament; hence it is no wonder that she had enthralled the music lovers all over the world from a very tender age and is still continuing in that endeavour. Sangeeta, besides her illustrious career, holds a masters degree in music from Rabindra Bharati University and is also a Grade A musician of All Indian Radio. She has proved her expertise in popularizing and propagating Indian music through teaching assignments in Italy, Holland, Germany, France etc. Her creative imagination & artistic instinct have inspired Western Musicians & companies to record her voice in Indo-Western fusion CDs as well as in pure classical forms.

Sangeeta`s virtuosity  combined with a  devotional approach

her a unique style of her own which is always
reflected in whatever form she presents, be it
Khayal, Thumri, or Bhajan. She has
successfully synthesized the traditional genre of Indian Classical Music with individuality and has already earned accolades from appropriate quarters, a list of which is too big to be enumerated.

For an actual glimpse of international and national assignments see

                     Sangeeta's Website