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Sangeet - music - is the art of God, and we believe music is God. It represents the devine beauty and nobility of creation. The "UPANISAD" says: "KAVIM PURANAM AUSASITARAM" - God is the greatest poet and director. The great universe is a poetical piece composed by him. The glory and inner beauty of this wonderful poetical piece is expressed through music, so music can be considered as the highest form of art.
Music, which has developed in Indian soil, absorbing the spirit and spiritual
atmosphere of India, is Indian music. It has a special character of its own, which is different from any other form of music, in structure, temperament and method of improvisation. It has been influenced by foreign music and culture, but it could preserve its own quality and nature. In other words, it has embraced different musical aspects and has absorbed them in its own spiritual uniformity. Indian music has also contributed immensely its materials to the music of other countries, and the most important contribution to the music world is the


Indian rhythm and the Tala system. No other country has developed the rhythmic system so elaborately and completely and created a notation system that is comparable with the Indian system.

The word music comes from the Greek word "Musa". In Sanskrit it means SANGEET. The scholarshave defined SANGEET as a combination