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Indian classical music has been patronized mostly by Royal families and the music loving community of India. Since the independence of India, partly because of the discontinuation of that sponsorship, Indian classical music has been vastly exposed to general audiences through music conferences organiz-ed by music schools and music circles thereby resulting in more people getting interested in learning music and pursuing a career as a musician.

To people who want to study music seriously and sincerely it is a quite different thing compared to one who
wants to learn music as a hobby. For the serious student, listening to records, attending conferences and studying in an institution (school) is not enough. The Indian classical music is called "GURU MUKHI VIDYA" which means, knowledge directly from the mouth of the GURU - the teacher.

The Indian shastras the GURU has been given higher position than even God for the disciples. GURU is not
merely a teacher but a guide who helps to achieve the knowledge of the subject as well as shows the right path of life and to know the


INFINITE. Devotion, surrender and faith is very necessary for the disciples who is longing to achieve something from music. The traditional learning system known as "GURU - SHISHYA PARAMPARA" is the only way to learn and understand the divine beauty and brilliance of music and perform SADHANA (practice) in a pure systematic process. The word practice is not even the correct trans-