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...namely Ustad Maseet Khan, Ustad Keramatulla Khan, and Ustad Allarakha Khan.
His style is a unique blend of three leading Gharanas (schools) which he masters equally, the Farukkabad, Punjab and Delhi Gharanas. Despite his awesome age of now 71, he still performs and teaches as well, both in India and Europe.
He also created tabla masters of the younger generation, former longtime students of his. To name a few premier ones, there are Gouri Shankar Karmakar, Subhojyoti Guha, Amit Chatterjee, Mihir Kundu, Friedemann Zintel, Federico Sanesi.


The list of musicians Pandit Sankha Chatterjee has shared the stage with includes some of the most prominent representatives of Indian Classical Music in the 20th century, namely...